Trailer Power

W.EASY Trailer Power

W.EASY Trailer Power, the mobile and intelligent test kit for lighting and signalling checks on the trailer and/or the truck.

Watch our video on the advantages of W.EASY Trailer Power:

All benefits at a glance:

Time saving
  • No motor vehicle required and / or maneuvering a motor vehicle in front of the towed unit
  • Diagnosis / verification possible with just one man, because lighting can also be controlled by remote control
Occupational safety
  • Testable according to the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (BGV A3)
  • Automatic safety shutdown
  • Thermal protection
  • Overvoltage protection
Check, simulate & control
  • Testing on 12/24 volt trailers possible
  • Indications of the controlled lamps by LED shows target / actual comparison of the lighting units
  • Operation also possible under mains voltage (charge battery at the same time)
  • Integrated multimeter - voltage, current and power, constant monitoring possible
  • Testing loads up to 192 W.
  • Immediate detection of the current consumption of the controlled pin, i.e. Conclusions about leakage currents, cable defects or earth faults
  • Stable power supply for diagnosis
Mobile use
  • Easy transportation
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life

There are different possible areas of application:

1.) Lighting test of the trailer lighting (12V/24V)
The individual lighting functions of the trailer (12V and 24V) can be comfortably controlled with the help of a remote control while walking around the trailer. Faulty lighting units are recognised via an intelligent defect detection system and displayed with the help of the LED indicator and a corresponding fault code in the display.

2.) Testing the light control signals on the truck (24V)
The individual lighting modules on the tractor can be tested one after the other to check that they are working correctly.

3.) PIN control (e.g. to activate the lift axle)
The “PIN control“ function makes it possible to control the freely assignable PIN connections either with 24V or 0V (mass), e.g. to activate the lift axle.

4.) Supporting aids/measuring instruments
Supporting aids/measuring instruments to determine faults of defective lighting and cable breaks:
1. Voltmeter function to display voltage
2. Ampere meter to display the current
3. Notifications via fault codes

5.) Power supply of the trailer electronics (12V/24V)
During trailer diagnosis, W.EASY Trailer Power supplies the trailer electronics with a steady voltage, thus allowing a stable diagnosis to be made. Furthermore, the error status of the brake control unit is displayed via the built-in ABS indicator lamps.

Other benefits of W.EASY Trailer Power:

  • Mobile kit. This is also optimally suitable for service vehicles.
  • Integrated battery allowing up to 8 hours of continuous use, depending on operating conditions.
  • Integrated LCD display for simple and clear presentation of information (e.g. state of charge of the battery, fault codes etc.).
  • Light test for LED lighting is supported.

The use of the W.EASY Trailer Power is illustrated in the following video:

Flyer W.EASY Trailer Power
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