W.EASY+ is your reliable partner for commercial vehicle diagnostics. The integrated WLAN function, flight recorder for mobile data recording and many other functions make the W.EASY+ Box a perfect tool for the workshop. W.EASY+ makes diagnosis even faster and more reliable.


WLAN capability: W.EASY+ is the first diagnostic system to implement a modern WLAN solution in a multi-brand diagnostic system. This means that the W.EASY+ Box can be integrated directly into an existing WLAN infrastructure. Several diagnostic procedures can therefore be carried out simultaneously using only one computer. This saves workshops an enormous amount of time and expense every day.

Flight recorder

Integrated flight recorder for mobile data recording: This function permits the real-time data you want to be transferred to the W.EASY+ Box. Even faults that only occur when driving can be easily highlighted while recording. The recorded data sets can then be analysed on the PC and graphically displayed in one or multiple coordinate systems.


Tough enough for use in the workshop: The solid aluminium housing and rubberised side covers provide optimum protection for the W.EASY+ Box, thus protecting the Bluetooth and WLAN antenna against impact as well.


OBD 16 pin connector with LED light: This helps to find the diagnostic sockets on the vehicle, even in poorly illuminated areas.


Reliable workflow using multi-coloured LEDs and audio signals: Visual and acoustic feedback on processes that are running make the diagnosis process smooth.


Voltage monitoring of the vehicle battery: When connected to a vehicle, the W.EASY+ Box determines the battery voltage and automatically adjusts itself to the vehicle's power supply, whether this is 12 or 24 volts. If the voltage is too low or too high, the W.EASY+ Box alerts you via both an LED and an audio signal.


Quick-scan: The system scan of the latest generation allows the user to save considerable time during the identification of available systems in a vehicle and their condition (e.g. VW, Mercedes Benz, Scania, Volvo).

WABCO-Scan for trailer: Automated idendification of the correct WABCO system in the trailer. Saves valuable time during your daily business and simplfies the diagnostic work on WABCO trailer systems (appropriate WABCO licenses are provided).

Faster firmware update process: The firmware update is completed in less than 5 minutes thanks to state-of-the-art microcontroller technology.

CE declaration of conformity
CE declaration CE declaration