W.EASY Box 2.0


The new W.EASY Box 2.0 fulfills all technological requirements to a modern diagnostic system. Many features ensure an easy and fast working:


Optimal diagnosis by visual display: Clear and visual display of the current communication status with the innovative, multi-colored 360° LED ring provides a secured and optimal diagnosis.

Sofortige LED-Indikatoranzeige: Der Fahrzeugbatteriestatus ist sofort durch eine farbige LED-Indikatoranzeige ersichtlich und verhindert unnötig lange Fehlersuche.


Connection just like at home: The 3-in-1 solution allows now the connection establishment via USB, Bluetooth and WiFi, as well as an intelligent hotspot solution. An immediate overview of the currently activated WiFi mode is possible due to the LED indicator display on the back of the box.

The following additional functions are also covered by the new W.EASY Box 2.0:

  • Voltage monitoring of the vehicle battery
  • Integrated flight recorder for mobile data recording
  • OBD 16 pin connector with LED light
  • Faster firmware update process
  • Quick-Scan
  • WABCO-Scan for trailer
  • Tough enough for use in the workshop
  • Integrated original WABCO system diagnostic
  • Implemented original Haldex trailer diagnostic
  • EOBD / WWH-OBD standard
  • Fulfills the technical requirements for diagnostic work on the latest Euro 6 vehicle platforms

CE declaration of conformity
CE declaration CE declaration