The COOLIUS serie combines innovative technical equipment with a new design and thus makes A/C service easy and user-friendly.



Innovative CooliusSelect

Innovative CooliusSelect

Operate faster: With the scrolling function, you can scroll through the menu as effortlessly as ever before.

Easy control: Intuitive handling of the CooliusSelect by simply pressing, confirm selection and quickly enter customer data.


Analog manometers

Analog manometers

Diagnosis: We use field-tested technology and manometers from premium partners.

Changing pressure ratios are optimally displayed on mechanical manometers.


Safeguard of the scale

Real time counter and safeguard of the scale

Service friendly: Maintenance cost savings up to 30% thanks to the new real time counter, only calculating the running time of the vacuum pump. Maintenance is only carried out when necessary. All device components are designed for this purpose.

Mobility in demand: The safeguard of the scale can be operated with one handgrip. COOLIUS - perfectly useable with voltage converters.*

*Mobility criteria refer to Coolius A10*Mobility criteria refer to Coolius A10

Oil management

Fully automatic oil management

Fully automatic oil management

Ready for hybrid: Equipped with one fresh oil, one used oil and one UV additive reservoir.

Clean affair: Effortless oil changing thanks to intelligent internal flushing of the pipe system (PAG to POE oil, etc.).


Sophisticated accessories

Sophisticated accessories

More than just tidy: When your COOLIUS takes a break, the connections for the internal flushing function serve as a parking station for the quick couplings.

More than standard: In addition to the standard 3 meter hoses (BUS: 5 meters), extensions are available to fulfill customer needs.


High-quality components

High-quality components

Lasting perfect results: The innovative cartridge filter convinces with a generous design and long service life.

Safe without heat buld up: Each COOLIUS unit has two fans for optimum ventilation.

Certified quality: The COOLIUS devices are CE certificated by TÜV-SÜD.