Security Gateway

Security Gateway

Most of us know that we are facing a new challenge as the first OE-Manufacturers have started to lock the access to the electronic network in their vehicles. Meanwhile the whole topic has been discussed in various incidents and gained publicity under the headline of “SECURITY GATEWAY”.

What is the starting point?

In the Year 2015 the information was released, that vehicles of the brand “Jeep” were hacked. Means, 3rd party users managed to gain access and take control over a vehicle and switch off the engine. The hackers used the connectivity- and diagnosis protocols to manipulate the effected ECUs. In order to avoid risks for drivers and passengers, FCA (Fiat Chrylser Automobiles) released extensive security measures versus cybercrimes for all worldwide produced vehicles in late 2017. Afterwards the access to the FCA vehicles and changes on the vehicle systems were only possible by using the FCA OE-Diagnosis.

Vehicles affected by this are for example:

  • Alfa Romeo: Giulia; Stelvio
  • Chrysler: 300 (MY*18); Pacifica (MY18)
  • Dodge: Challenger (MY18); Charger (MY18); Durango (MY18)
  • Fiat: 500L (MY17); 500X (MY19)
  • Fiat Professional: Doblò (MY19)
  • Jeep: Cherokee (MY19); Grand Cherokee (MY18);
  • Grand Commander (MY19); Renegade (MY19); Wrangler (MY18)
  • RAM: 1500 Pick-up (MY18); Promaster City (MY18)

*MY = Model Year that the measure was FIRST integrated.
Italic = Concerned vehicles in W.EASY Light commercial vehicle diagnosis

Additional Manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, VAG Group, BMW, Mini and Opel have already announced the implementation of their security solution on similar base.

How does the WABCOWÜRTH Gateway Solution work?
Since February 2020, we are able to establish a functional connection to a security gateway protected vehicle. The user data (User-Name & Password) enables the software to obtain the certificate (Code) purchased on the FCA Workshop-Portal before and use that for the diagnosis. Our current development focusses on the positive user experience to make the usage as easy, intuitive and efficient as possible.
Our target is to provide a solution with full functionalities during the 2nd quarter of 2020 for a limited rollout (test customers). Depending on the experience, we will decide about the release to all customers.
Further OE Manufacturers will also take the possibility to protect their vehicles in a similar procedure. We are already in the development phase e.g. for VAG, Mercedes, Renault.
There are also vehicles already affected from the manufacturer IVECO. Vehicles concerned are the 2019 IVECO Daily as well as the IVECO Stralis 2019 version. Both vehicles are protected with a security gateway.

What does the implementation look like?
Each OE manufacturer will endeavor to find its own individual solution for the security gateway. Because of this, we cannot give a general statement yet about an overall implementation.
Since we have to implement the solutions for every manufacturer individually after the development on OEM side is completed, the implementation will be a roadmap for the next few years until all brands are on board.