W.ESY update 2.00.0


W.EASY 2.00.0
Multibrand-diagnostics update

Here you will find the letter for the W.EASY update information

Advantages of active and valid Licenses
New content only available for customers with activ and valid Multibrand-diagnostics license:

  • Multi-brand diagnostic complete or
  • Multi-brand diagnostic Truck or
  • Multi-brand diagnstics Bus or
  • Multi-brand diagnstics Trailer

"W.EASY 2.00.0 - the next generation"

Just in time for the 10th anniversary, a completely renewed W.EASY diagnosis with numerous innovations will be lauched to the market!

  • Smart Guide
  • VIN Decoder for Truck & Bus
  • VIN search for Truck & Bus
  • Search-function and Quick-filter for data lists
  • Overview of last diagnostics procedures
  • New menu .Toolbox¡§
  • Improved license-/registration overview
  • Context sensitive Quick-access menu¡§ for technical data
  • Update Highlights ¡V highlighting new content
  • Storage module ¡V Data export function
  • "Expert mode" deactivation (Superpin)
  • W.EASY Data back-up and recovery function
  • Numerous improvements for user experience

Multibrand-diagnostics update
The multibrand diagnostics update in numbers:

  • new vehicle models 7
  • new systems > 450
  • new or updated Activations 21.157
  • new or updated Calibrations, Codings 11.202
  • new or updated Self-tests 4.438

You can find selected highlights with background information in the second part of the update information.


1.1 Description Through direct real-time comparison via the Internet with modern data sources, the read out error codes are supplemented with targeted further information.
A new trend-setting function in the diagnostic software.
The direct connection from the error code to possible causes and test instructions.
Find the way to repairvehicles faster and easier with the help of almost unlimited vehicle data and error code information.
Don't waste time looking for troubleshooting information and data - use the suggested information and get the vehicle back on the road faster!
All customers with a valid multi-brand diagnostic license have free access to the "Smart Guide" for the first year during the introductory campaign.

Current system coverage for Truck & Bus:

  • Engine
  • Exhaust aftertreatment
  • Gearbox
  • Brakes
  • Air suspension
  • Central electronic

Current coverage for Knorr-Bremse Trailer Systems:

  • TEBS G2
  • TEBS G1
  • KB4TA

1.2 Important notes
An internet connection is required to query the additional information.
Experied licenses cannot access Smart Guide information!

2 VIN Decoder for Truck & Bus

2.1 Description
Sensational novelty in W.EASY 2.00.0, module for automatic vehicle identification for trucks and buses!
What has been standard in the car market for years now still presents a challenge in the CARGO market. W.EASY has developed an absolutely unique solution for the CARGO industry!
Simply connect W.EASY Box 2.0 to the vehicle, press the VIN decoder button in the W.EASY software and the application will identify the vehicle based on the chassis number.

3 VIN based search

3.1 Description
Thanks to the sensational VIN module, you can now simply enter the chassis number in the search bar to select the vehicle.

4 Search-function and quick-filter for Data lists

4.1 Description
With W.EASY 2.00.0 there is a search function and a quick filter for data lists to help you select the values you need faster! Simply enter the desired name in the data list in the search field or select it using the required quick filter (e.g. volt, bar, etc.).

5 Overview of the last diagnostic processes

5.1 Description
With the help of this new overview, the last diagnostic processes can be accessed quickly and easily. The number of operations can be set from the settings menu, with options 10 or 20 available.

6 New "Toolbox" menu

6.1 Description
In the future, all auxiliary programs (e.g. unit converters etc.) and function modules (e.g. FlightRecorder etc.) will be listed in this new menu to make them easier to find.
Previously, these were listed under the menu item "?" And could not be found intuitively.

7 Improved license- / registration- overview

7.1 Description
The license overview in the settings menu under "Registration" has been completely revised to clarify the current license status to the user.license status to the user.

7.2 Important notes
This transparent way of marking clearly explains the individual status of the licenses and highlights them with ¡§traffic light¡¨ colors.

8 Context-sensitive quick access menu for technical data

8.1 Description
With W.EASY 2.00.0 a quick access menu was inserted, which can be called up via the "i" button. As soon as you are in the "single diagnosis" of a system, you can find all available technical data about the system directly via this menu.
This saves valuable time and the technical data are just a click away at any time.

9 Update Highlights - Mark new content

9.1 Description
In W.EASY 2.00.0 new diagnostic content is highlighted with markings.
This marking is available on different levels:

10 Storagemodul - File-export function

10.1 Description
An other new function in W.EASY 2.00.0 is the "File-export" function for the storage module. Thi one is deactivated by default but can be activated in the "Setingsmenu" in TAB "Program functions" / "Saving module" / "File export".
As soon the function is activated, every storage initiated by "save" will be stored inside the storage module AND in the selected folder.

10.2 Important Note
This function is ideal if customer wants to import dokumentations and diagnostic protocols into dealer-management systems.

11 Switch off "Expert mode" (Superpin)

11.1 Description
By entering the Superpin (= activation of expert mode), the user can access higher diagnostic functions. Until now, this expert mode could only be deactivated by closing the W.EASY application.
In W.EASY 2.00.0 this can be ended at any time directly via the "Toolbox" menu.

12 W.EASY data protection-and Back-up function

12.1 Description
In the new settings menu there are new options with W.EASY 2.00.0. One of these new functions is "data backup". This option can be activated / deactivated via the settings menu in the "GENERAL" tab under "ONLINE UPDATE".

When activated, the W.EASY application will back up the entire W.EASY installation with the next online update so that it can be imported again at any time (e.g. defect) and thus saves valuable time
The data backup can be found in the "BACKUP" folder in the W.EASY installation directory. In the ¡§rollback¡¨ folder (also in W.EASY installation directory) you will find the backup application called "ROLLBACK" for restoring a backup.

At least 15 GB of free hard disk space is required to use the data backup function!

13 Noumerous improvements to the user experience

In addition to the mentioned highlights, further optimizations were made in the new W.EASY 2.00.0 with the aim of improving the user experience.

Some of these improofments are:

  • General improvement of optics and modernization of the user interface
  • Full screen mode
  • New Settings-menu for better operation
  • Optimised ¡§TAB¡¨ function (new TAB¡¦s open when used)
  • Advertisement with notes and informations (i.e. Firmware Update)
  • Communication setup with notes about actual work step

W.EASY multibrand-diagnostics update

14 DAF XF/CF (18-)

14.1 Description
With the W.EASY 2.00.0 version, numerous self-tests, controls and calibrations such as test of the Ad-Blue module, test of the dosage, reset of the particle filter available. In addition, with the W.EASY 2.00.0
it will be possible to regenerate the particle filter while stationary or while driving.

14.2 Application, benefits in practice
These functions enable customers to carry out all repairs to the Ad-Blue system themselves.

15 DAF XF/CF (18-)
Stationary heating

15.1 Description
The parking heater can be reset or unlocked with the new version of W.EASY.

15.2 Application, benefits in practice
This function is required when the parking heater is locked, e.g. after several false starts due to lack of fuel.

16 DAF XF (14-17)
MX11/MX13 Engines

16.1 Description
A new function was developed for both engine variants, calibration of the VTG turbocharger.

16.2 Application, benefits in practice
The calibration must be carried out after the exhaust gas turbocharger has been replaced or repaired.

17 DAF LF Euro
Service Regeneration DPF

17.1 Description
New function for the Euro 6 engines, the service regeneration of the particle filter.

17.2 Application, benefits in practice
The service regeneration must then be carried out when the diesel particle filter is clogged and regeneration by the engine control unit can no longer be carried out, e.g. a lot of short distance operation.

18 Iveco XP/NP
LNG/CNG Motoren (Metafuel 4)

18.1 Description
With the W.EASY 2.00.0 version, self-tests, activations and calibrations such as e.g. Cylinder deactivation, control of pressure control valve, adaptation data reset available.

18.2 Application, benefits in practice
These functions support the customer in the case of a repair. The fitter can do all necessary work with the W.EASY software.

19 Iveco Daily (18-)
GAS Engines

19.1 Description
Development of a new version of the gas engine, installed in the vehicles from model year 2018. Various controls and reset of the adaptation data are available to customers with the W.EASY 2.0.

19.2 Application, benefits in practice
This development supports our customers to maintain a high level of competence and to repair newer vehicles independently.

20 MB Truck & BUS Euro 6
Active Brake Assistant

20.1 Description
Commissioning / reset of the control unit after the emergency braking assistant has been triggered several times.

20.2 Application, benefits in practice
If the emergency brake assistant is triggered several times in succession, it must be reset. So far, customers have had to switch to OE diagnostics. With the W.EASY 2.00.0 it is now possible to carry out the calibration.

21 Scania Trucks 2017-
Stationary heating

21.1 Description
For parking heaters in Scania trucks from model year 2017, the W.EASY offers new functions, self-test (bleeding the parking heater) and calibration (unlocking the parking heater)

21.2 Application, benefits in practice
These functions are required if the auxiliary heater is locked due to a lack of fuel after several false starts.

22 Scania Truck + BUS 2017-
9 Liter Gas engines

22.1 Description
With the W.EASY 2.0, a full diagnosis can be carried out on the gas engines of the new generation. Various controls and adaptations are also available.

22.2 Application, benefits in practice
These functions are required to carry out a comprehensive and competent repair on the gas engines.

23 Volvo Coaches
EBS5 Calibration of steering wheel angle sensor

23.1 Description
With the W.EASY 2.0.0 it is now possible to calibrate the steering angle sensor.

23.2 Application, benefits in practice
Two type of calibrations are available, the "normal" and the "quick" one. With "normal" calibration, a suitable measuring tool must be used to ensure that the wheels are in a straight line. With the "faster" calibration, the process is initiated with the diagnostic device, after which a calibration test drive must be carried out.