If you needing answers to diagnostic questions, searching for the ideal diagnostic tool or you concerning about the repair of a vehicle, you will contact a diagnostic specialists. Great, if you have somebody you can trust.

We are always looking for new ideas and ways to help our customers to greater success. Our goal is to make the work in the workshop environment more efficient and easier. We want to give you more than what is usual and be always one step ahead of our competitors. Therefore we have our own department for development and technics that deals with the development and implementation of innovative solutions on a daily basis. We listen exactly and are eager to incorporate your individual requirements in our developments.

Therefore it is no coincidence that we have evolved into a powerful partner in the diagnostics business in a very short period of time since the foundation in 2010 - with best products and good services.

For sure you can get a screw into a wall with a hammer, but it won’t last for long. Each tool has its task which it was made for. Whether you are looking for a suitable diagnostic tool for commcercial vehicles, trailers, LCVs or buses: WABCOWÜRTH has the right product for every demand, that suits you, to assure diagnosis pays off for you!

Our offer: In coordination with you we customize an individual package of hardware, software, hotline and training.

What can you expect from WABCOWÜRTH? We are not only a diagnostics company but also enrich your daily life. We have an ambitious goal: We want to make diagnostics simple, clear and efficient - with technology for people that enthusiastically put their business into motion!

Take the chance and make diagnosis the engine for your workshop business. As a reliable partner, we are at your side - uncomplicated, comprehensive, competent and available at all times.

Take our word for it!
Your Nicole Wolter, your Frank Bartsch