Diagnostic specialist WABCOWÜRTH presents with W.EASY Trailer Power a mobile testing and power supply set

Künzelsau, 14th of January 2013 – WABCOWÜRTH presents with W.EASY Trailer Power a mobile test set for lighting and signal checks on trailer or trucks, which supplies the power for a stable diagnosis of the trailer.

There are 3 different possible areas of application:

1.) Power supply to the trailer electronics During trailer diagnosis, W.EASY Trailer Power supplies the trailer electronics with a steady voltage, thus allowing a stable diagnosis to be made. The fault status of the brake control unit is also indicated by the integrated ABS indicator light.

2.) Lighting test for trailer lighting The individual lighting functions of the trailer can be easily operated from the remote control as you walk around the trailer. At the same time, a LED on the Trailer Power set indicates which lighting unit is being operated. Faulty lighting units are identified by a smart fault detection system and indicated by a LED indicator.

3.) Testing the light control signals on the truck The individual lighting modules on the truck (left/right turn indicators, brake lights, parking lights etc.) can be tested one after the other to check that they are working correctly. If the lighting control signals on the truck are passing successfully to the trailer, then the corresponding LED on the W.EASY Trailer Power set is lit.

Other benefits of W.EASY Trailer Power:

  • The W.EASY Trailer Power set can perform a diagnosis and lighting check on the trailer, completely without the truck.
  • Mobile test set with integrated battery allowing up to 8 hours of continuous use, depending on operating conditions. This is ideally suited for service vehicles.
  • W.EASY Trailer Power can be used while the battery is charging.