WABCOWÜRTH presents W.EASY: The world's first multi-brand diagnostic system for commercial vehicles with integrated WABCO system diagnostics

WABCOWÜRTH presents W.EASY, a world's first in the field of multi-brand diagnostics for commercial vehicles. The new solution is now available for customers in Europe in German and English language versions. W.EASY is the world's first system to integrate the WABCO system diagnostics into a single, comprehensive solution and allows efficient diagnostics on commercial vehicles of different brands.

"Electronically controlled technology in commercial vehicles is a mega-trend. Commercial vehicle workshops can benefit from this development with selective investments in diagnostic systems and make diagnostics the motor that drives their business," says Frank Bartsch, Chairman of the Managing Board at WABCOWÜRTH. "W.EASY provides fast, accurate, reliable and comprehensible results for vehicles of all popular brands. It makes the work in the workshop easier and more efficient, and contributes to the profitability of the business."

Six packages: From upgrade package through special solutions for transporters and trailers right up to the complete solution

W.EASY comes as a complete solution in just one compact, sturdy case ideal for use in the workshop. It contains the vehicle communication interface (VCI) and all the necessary cables and adapters. In addition, the customer receives a rugged notebook and a one-year subscription for regular extensive data and software updates to keep the system up-to-date at all times. If required, these subscriptions can be individualised starting from the second year.

As demands on diagnostics vary widely from customer to customer, WABCOWÜRTH offers individual diagnostic solutions with customized packages including hardware, software, hotline and training modules. Depending on their individual requirements, workshops can therefore select from six different W.EASY packages:

  • The W.EASY COMPLETE PREMIUM package offers a complete solution, including a sturdy notebook.
  • The W.EASY COMPLETE LIGHT package is ideal for workshops that already use diagnostic equipment. It comes with a mobile touchpad.
  • The W.EASY COMPLETE SINGLE package comes without input device, but otherwise offers all the benefits of WABCOWÜRTH multi-brand diagnostics. It is ideal for workshops that already have a PC or laptop computer.
  • W.EASY SELECT is aimed at customers who already work with WABCO system diagnostics and now wish to benefit also from the advantages of a multi-brand diagnostic system.
  • W.EASY TRAILER and W.EASY TRANSPORTER are two packages for the special diagnostic requirements of trailers and transporters. Both packages are supplied as standard without input device.

More detailed information on the various packages is available on the WABCOWÜRTH website: www.wabcowuerth.com

Flexible and individual – simple and efficient: WABCOWÜRTH offers workshop-proved hardware and software, maximum usability and comprehensive service

The W.EASY hardware is ideal for use in the tough conditions of day-to-day workshop business. External devices can be connected to the sturdy notebook via USB interfaces. Integrated bluetooth enables mobile diagnostics without disruptive cables. Microsoft Windows® XP Professional is installed by default. It ensures availability of future updates as well as the possibility to use additional workshop software. The mobile touchpad is shock-protected, has a dirt-repellent surface and allows cable-free working because of integrated bluetooth. In order to save space and enhance organisation, the number of cables and adapters has been minimised through the use of integrated multiplexing technology.

The W.EASY software offers a clear menu structure and a unique user interface with full-text search and maximum indexing. That enables intuitive use as customers are used to when navigating the Internet. This allows to carry out even the most complex diagnostic processes quickly and efficiently with just a few mouse clicks. Furthermore, W.EASY is the only multi-brand diagnostic system to offer real multitasking capabilities. Different functions and information are shown at the same time in various windows which is not just saving time, but also makes the diagnostics clearer. Integrated help functions and function instructions in combination with extensive vehicle data, labour rates and service information help to keep the system up-to-date at all times.

The WABCOWÜRTH multi-brand diagnostic solution is supported by a broad range of services and training courses. Apart from personal support, product hotlines for customers are available in various languages. Technicians can get immediate brand-specific help via a vehicle technology hotline. Practical training courses and e-learning programs keep the workshop staff fit for the challenges of the workshop business.

W.EASY will be featured at major German trade shows from 14 to 19 September 2010 at the Automechanika in Frankfurt am Main and from 23 to 30 September 2010 at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. Furthermore, W.EASY will be presented from 12 to 15 January 2011 at the AutoZum in Salzburg, Austria. By the end of 2010, the system will be available in seven further language versions.