WABCOWÜRTH welcomes the 100th customer

Over 100 customers have already put their trust in the new company WABCOWÜRTH Workshop Services GmbH which was founded in March 2010. The company could now welcome its jubilee customer.

„WABCOWÜRTH is happy to welcome its 100th customer”, said Frank Bartsch, Chairman of WABCOWÜRTH. He handed the certificate together with Claus Hell, Managing Director for Technology and Development to the jubilee customer Hermann Stegmaier. The Stegmaier Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH currently has 50 employees and practises with the BFS, Business Fleet Services GmbH, a successful truck rental operation that operates at over 50 locations.

„Thanks to the focus that WABCOWURTH has placed on our sales orientation our customer base is to continue its increase. The 100th customer is conformation of the customer satisfaction and the good performance that we are already delivering”, said Frank Bartsch.

The company would like to take this opportunity to thank its customers who are part of this successful development, explained Frank Bartsch.

At present 10 sales representatives and a net of sales partners assure the supply and consulting of the customers.