WABCOWÜRTH - Specialist for diagnostic solutions and air conditioning service devices

We are always looking for new ideas and ways to help our customers to greater success. Our goal is to make everyday work in the workshop even more efficient and easier. We want to give you more than you are used to and be one step ahead of the competition.

Development and technology department
Our own development and technology department deals with the development and implementation of the most innovative solutions every day. We listen carefully and strive to incorporate your individual requirements into our developments.

Industry-specific solutions
In addition to specializing in commercial vehicle diagnostics, WABCOWÜRTH has also been offering air conditioning service units since 2017. Here, the company benefits from a production facility located in the Würth Group and therefore close to the company.

Individual package of hardware and software
Our diagnostic solutions have a modular structure and can be adapted to the specific requirements of your workshop, from the entry-level package to the complete solution. This means that every customer receives their own W.EASY diagnostic solution. You need a suitable diagnostic device for motor vehicles, trailers, vans or buses, we have the right product for every need.

Service: hotline and training
If you have any questions about W.EASY diagnostics or our air conditioning service units, please do not hesitate to contact our free product hotline.
Because the needs of our customers are very different, we have designed the WABCOWÜRTH training offer to be flexible and modular. The free commercial vehicle operation has different training requirements than the workshop network of a large manufacturer. At WABCOWÜRTH, all customers get exactly what they need.

What can you expect from WABCOWÜRTH?
That we are not only specialists for diagnostic solutions and air conditioning service devices, but also an enrichment for your everyday life.
We are at your side as a reliable partner - uncomplicated, gripping, competent and always available.

We have an ambitious goal: We want to make diagnostics simple, clear and efficient - with technology for people that enthusiastically put their business into motion!

ISO 9001:2015 - systematic quality
WABCOWÜRTH was certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Süd. ISO 9001 is the most important standard in quality management, both nationally and internationally. It forms the basis for our internal continuous improvement process, which is constantly checked and improved.

ISO 9001:2015 Development, sales and service main certifivate

ISO 9001:2015 Development, sales and service

ISO 9001:2015 Storage and Logistic


We use synergy effects so that you can benefit from it! You can use from us and our partners a competent all-round service in the area of ​​workshop equipment.