Flushing kit

Flushing kit FK500



The flushing kit enables the flushing of the refrigerant circuit for air conditioning systems with refrigerant R-1234yf and R134a.

To ensure proper functioning of the air conditioning system, a regular check is necessary.

Flushing the air conditioning system with refrigerants is necessary to remove oil and contaminants from the system.

Replacement of the compressor requires flushing of the entire vehicle air conditioning system and the replacement of oil.

Art.-no.: W067930010

  • Fully automatic flushing in the circuit with liquid refrigerant against the flow direction of the A/C System
  • Can be used for the refrigerant R134a.and the new refrigerant R-1234yf
  • Can also be used for air conditioners with different threaded connections

Flushing kit consisting of:

  • Flushing kit
  • Adapter for different refrigerants
  • Adapter for different threaded connections
  • Micro-Filter

NEW: Accessories for flushing kit - Adapter sets

The compressors cannot be flushed and must be removed!

High and low pressure connections of the compressor must be bridged by adapters to flush the entire vehicle air conditioning circuit.


Adapter sets for compressor connections*:

*are not included in the purchase of the flushing kit!

  • 1 set = 1 adapter for high pressure + 1 adapter for low pressure


Bracket for flushing kit - W067130135

Bracket for flushing kit

  • Art.-no.: W067130135
  • Bracket for easy attachment of the flush kit to the A/C service unit
  • Scope of delivery: Bracket with base plate, 3 fastening screws, 3 washers, lashing strap