Apart from our multi-brand diagnostic solutions we also provide a comprehensive range of user trainings. The independent commercial vehicle sector has different requirements to the workshop networks of major manufacturers. As the needs of our customers are different, the WABCOWÜRTH training offer is precisely adapted to your needs. Whether training in our central training locations or on site in your premises, at WABCOWÜRTH all customers get exactly what they need.

Today, repairs and maintenance work on engine and gearbox controls as well as brake and driver assistance systems make vast specialist knowledge and powerful tools essential. The complexity of technology and the speed at which it develops demand constant updating. We will keep an eye on things and help you to keep your staff and your technology permanently up to date. We offer users and advanced trainings in theory and practice of diagnosis novice to expert diagnosis.


Additionally we offer e-learning and technical training courses by our partners WABCO and Haldex.