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Diagnosis couldn't be quicker and easier

We offer innovative multi-brand diagnostic technologies for commercial vehicles, with the right diagnostic device for motor vehicles, trailers, vans or buses for every workshop.
WABCOWÜRTH puts together an individual package of hardware, software, hotline and training for each customer.




Calibrate correctly after replacing the target

In order to avoid accidents due to an incorrectly calculated braking distance or a deviation from the lane departure warning system, the manufacturer requires the driver assistance systems to be calibrated accordingly after the windscreen has been replaced on trucks, buses or vans. We have developed the mobile product solution W.EASY ADAS Calibration for your workshop.




For the fully automatic air conditioning service

Our COOLIUS air conditioning service series combines field-proven technical equipment with a new design and easy handling of the air conditioning service on air conditioning systems of cars, vans, commercial vehicles, construction site vehicles and agricultural vehicles.

Cooperation products

Remote diagnosis

Remote diagnosis enables you to reduce the downtimes of your commercial vehicle fleet.

Increase fleet uptime with remote diagnostics

TX-DIAGNOSTIX is a solution for remote diagnostics provided by Transics and co-developed with WABCOWÜRTH.
TX-DIAGNOSTIX enables a detailed and remote assessment of the technical health of any European truck brand. TX-DIAGNOSTIX reads out all fault codes, translates them into understandable language, then goes on to describe the root cause of the failure and even explains how the problem should be solved.
In fact, while your vehicles are on the road, the solution gives precise insights into your fleet’s health state, meaning you can detect anomalies or severe failures early on. This allows you to plan maintenance or repair ahead of time, already preorder spare parts and minimize the actual service intervention in the workshop.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Avoid high costs of manual diagnosis
  • Optimize maintenance planning
  • Minimize service interventions
  • Increase vehicle uptime

Find detailed information on TX-DIAGNOSTIX as well as a ROI calculator here.