W.EASY User Training

Deepen the operation with the W.EASY diagnostic in the W.EASY user training in theory and practice. Make yourself or your employees with the W.EASY software familiar, so that the system is running constantly and diagnostics on a vehicle can be performed reliably. In our W.EASY user training we provide background information and alternative options to perform the diagnosis quickly and efficiently on each vehicle with our W.EASY diagnostic system.

Questions and answers about training:

What are the contents in this training?

In this training the handling of the W.EASY diagnostic gets deepened in theory and practice.

Learning objective

The aim of this training is to familiarize with the W.EASY software. So you can keep the system constantly running and perform reliable diagnostic on vehicles.

Is this a training for me?

The target group are all employees of the workshop how works with diagnosis of vehicles.

How do I benefit?

This training gives background information and alternative possibilities with the W.EASY diagnostic to perform diagnostic on each vehicle quickly and efficiently. The system is after the training up to date.

Which learning objectives are conveyed?
  • Complete installation of the W.EASY software
  • Configuration of W.EASY Box 2.0, USB, BT, WiFi
  • Update of the W.EASY software and firmware
  • Support by TeamViewer and FastViewer
  • Required and optional settings in the W.EASY software
  • The W.EASY Superpin
  • Connection to each ECU with the WABCO system diagnostic
  • Safety shoes (circa 50 % of the training take place in a workshop)
  • at least about 6 months experience with the W.EASY system
  • own system would be advantage but not absolutely necassary

Theoretical and practical diagnostic training for:

In addition to our training locations, we also offer the possibility of trainings adapted to your needs. We train you on your vehicles in your own workshop. Therefore a number of participants with at least 7 persons is required.