Bus diagnosis

The product benefits of the bus diagnosis system at a glance:

    • Only W.EASY integrates the original WABCO system diagnosis in a single system. WABCO is one of the leading suppliers of safety-related bus systems. This is a real benefit for you in terms of safety, as only original WABCO system diagnosis allow you to diagnose all WABCO systems completely.
    • Visual vehicle selection and display of diagnostic sockets makes menu navigation easier, this reduces any downtime which may occur.
    • Broad manufacturer coverage: Evobus, MAN, Scania, Solaris, Volvo, and many more.
    • The diagnostic system for buses can be bought both as a standalone bus diagnosis system or in combination with diagnosis for commercial vehicles, trailers or LCV.
    • Reduced number of cables and adapters with integrated multiplexing technology.
    • W.EASY is the only diagnostic system to offer genuine multitasking for convenient, even more efficient diagnosis. The real-time display of various functions and information in up to four windows makes diagnosis clear.
    • Regular updates always keep the system up to date.