WABCOWÜRTH Web Event - We stay in dialogue with our customers

Künzelsau, 13.11.2020: In order to be able to keep in touch with customers even in corona times, WABCOWÜRTH, the specialist in the field of diagnostics and air conditioning service units, has developed a web-based event format. The company uses this format to present its latest product highlights to its customers in the course of several events - and thus brings the products virtually directly to the workshop. WABCOWÜRTH's technology specialists, product trainers and sales experts will not only present products such as W.EASY Diagnosis, W.EASY ADAS Calibration and COOLIUS A/C service units in short, concise and interactive presentations, but will also address interesting topics related to these products. The customized Web Events will take place in November and will each last around 30 minutes.

Web Event: W.EASY Diagnosis on November 26th and 27th

The Web Event W.EASY Diagnosis is the starting point. It will take place on 26th November at 17:30 (MEZ). The central content of the Web Event is the world's only multi-brand diagnostic system that integrates WABCO and Haldex expertise in a complete solution. In this Web Event, the experts will discuss the advantages of original WABCO and Haldex manufacturer diagnostics on the one hand, and how vehicle detection can be made easy and provide the answer to the question: "Fault code - What now?

WABCOWÜRTH has also planned the Web Event "W.EASY Diagnostic Bus" for November 27th. In this event, the experts will specifically address the diagnostic requirements and needs of bus workshops and explain, for example, how W.EASY diagnostics can make work in workshops extremely easy. Future topics such as diagnostics for electric buses are also on the agenda.

Finally, everything about professional diagnostics for trailers awaits visitors to the "W.EASY Diagnostic Trailer" Web Event. This will also take place on November 27th.

Web Event: W.EASY ADAS Calibration on November 27th and 28th, 2020

The W.EASY ADAS Calibration Web Event will follow on November 27th and 28th. After a windshield replacement on a truck, bus or van, the manufacturer requires an appropriate calibration of the driver assistance systems. Many insurance companies also require proof of a successfully performed calibration. WABCOWÜRTH offers workshops the mobile product solution W.EASY ADAS Calibration. During a 30-minute live calibration session, the experts will demonstrate how the W.EASY ADAS Calibration solution is used and what advantages it offers.

Web Event: COOLIUS device series on December 5th, 2020

The last Web Events will follow on December 5th. In these Events WABCOWÜRTH will present the fully automatic A/C service of its COOLIUS series and show the participants the respective application areas of the series. The COOLIUS A/C service unit series combines field-proven technical equipment with innovative design and easy handling of A/C service on air conditioning systems of passenger cars, vans, commercial vehicles, construction site vehicles, agricultural vehicles and rail vehicles.

Another Event will focus on the disposal of contaminated refrigerant, integrated purging function, analyzer and the legally compliant nitrogen/forming gas testing procedure.

In addition, another Web Event will present the highlights of the COOLIUS series of units live using the COOLIUS A50 as an example.

Participation in the Web Events is free of charge. To make sure that the participants don't miss an appointment, the date can be saved in the calendar after the non-binding registration.

All dates and registration information can be found at www.wabcowuerth.com/en/webevent.